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Why taking pictures with a flash is better

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BAMM! That’s the thought that goes through my head when I take pictures with my external flash attached. It’s like I’m firing a lightning bolt. Within my fingers I control an instrument that fires a burst of light on my subjects and captures amazing pictures.

Occasionally I find myself at a party without my external flash and I just know my pictures will be less dynamic and lack that great lighting I like to capture. With the external flash however. I can turn ordinary pictures into great pictures.

You want to know one of the biggest secrets to taking great photos? Use an external flash and get a good camera. Beyond that it’s just taking a lot of photos and not showing people all of the bad ones. Of course, when you’re like me all of your shots are great. Except the ones of my lens cap.

Faster than a speeding bullet!

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It’s Superman! The man of steel! Greetings folks. I’m excited about finally having an opportunity to blog. Most people think I’m just a character drawn on paper. What they don’t know is I really exist and I live in Phoenix.

Speaking of activities. Just the other day I pulled out some home videos and had a grand time watching them. Remember the day that evil villan pulled a comet from its axis and pulled it towards Earth? Yeah. That was great how I saved the day. It was totally awesome. Oh! Then there was that time the train was about to go over a cliff because the bridge was down and I kind of just *caugh* saved the day.

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The Superman Brand

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Chris is a walking password index. He can remember login information for virtually any site he has worked on in the past 5 years.

His expertise lies in Ancient Egypt. Specifically he has amassed a wealth of knowledge about Ancient Egyptian Monarchies (just in case he’s ever asked to be on Jeopardy).