My Home Office

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Seven years! That’s how long I’ve been “working from home”.

The video above is from several years ago, by the way. I now have a couch and have made more office improvements.

Yes, I’ve had some great offices over the years. Most of your remember the amazing 7,000+ square foot office space we shared with a bunch of architects. Or the superb office space in San Francisco. However, my home office is where I really like to be. This video is from when I first moved into my office. I really need to get a new video together showing the latest improvements, including a nice couch, and artwork.

When it comes to a home office, my advice is to spend the money early and create a great workplace. I bought high quality carpet typically used in a high end office building. I spent a lot, but it is amazing and looks great.

All that said, I really do love working out of client offices when I have the opportunity.