Owning a Home: 1st Year

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Today marks 1-year since I bought my first house. It’s been an adventure, to say the least. Here’s a list of improvements:

  1. Raised the block wall in the back yard, added stucco, and painted it white.
  2. Raised height of gate.
  3. Filled in sunken living room with concrete.
  4. Wood floors in the living room and dining room.
  5. New baseboard in living room and dining room.
  6. New carpet in entire house.
  7. Painted entire house.
  8. Cleaned, then painted garage floor blue.
  9. Fixed sprinkler system.
  10. New toilets.
  11. New sink / cabinet in half bath.
  12. Repairs to kitchen cabinetry.
  13. New stucco on indoor fireplace and new paint.
  14. Installed crown molding in living room.
  15. Repairs to sprinkler system and pool backwash piping.
  16. Installed recessed lights in foyer.
  17. New knobs on kitchen cabinets.

Besides all of that, I bought a lot of new and used furniture and my mom and dad helped me decorate and set everything up. They’re a big reason that list above is so big. Without their help I would have never accomplished so much in just one year.

What’s next? I need to get some additional artwork on the walls and get busy finding me a wife!

In case you wish to see photos, you can browse my Flickr gallery.

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